AboutAmazing Womein in eCommerce

Amazing Women in eCommerce is a community dedicated to honoring the women who are shaping our industry, while raising money for Girls Inc. to help build up the next generation of women business leaders.

Yotpo initially launched the program in 2018 seeking nominations to recognize visionary women in the eCommerce space. The incredible response from the industry inspired us to expand our efforts, creating a variety of opportunities for the community to share experiences and build a formidable network of Amazing Women.

We host year-round events, we share profiles and articles on Amazing women & their work, and each year, from thousands of nominations, we select a group of women to honor as Amazing Women in eCommerce.


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Nomination process

At the end of each year, we hold an open call for nominations for Amazing Women in eCommerce. Once the nominations period is closed, we select a group of truly impressive women to honor and spotlight throughout the year.

When nominations are open – you’ll be able to nominate on our website. This isn’t just for founders or CEOs, this is for women across all parts of the eCommerce industry. Whether they’re your wonderful teammates, colleagues, managers, leaders, friends, or heroes — we want you to nominate them and help us share their story! Plus, for every nomination that rolls in, we’ve committed to donate $5 to Girls Inc. In 2018, we were able to donate $20,000!

Questions? Click below

  • Who can I nominate?

    Any woman who works in eCommerce — whether she’s the founder, the marketing manager, a developer at a business, brand or agency, let’s recognize these superstars.

  • Can I nominate myself?

    You sure can.

  • How many women can I nominate?

    As many Amazing Women as you want!

  • When will the winners be announced?

    March 4th, 2020.

  • What happens if I win?

    We’ll get in touch to offer our congratulations, send over some goodies, coordinate a short profile on you for our site, and invite you to join us for an awards ceremony where you’ll be spotlighted along with all of the other amazing, amazing winners.

  • How does this program support Girls Inc.?

    With every nomination made, we’ll donate $5 to Girls Inc. Last year, we were able to donate $20,000 to support their initiatives empowering and inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

  • In support of

    Girls Inc. is an organization inspiring and encouraging all girls to be “Strong, Smart, and Bold.” Through long-lasting mentoring relationships, a pro-girl environment, and research-based programming, Girls Inc. enables girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers, and grow up healthy, educated, and independent. Girls Inc. also advocates for legislation and policies to increase opportunities and rights for all girls.

    In 2018, we were able to donate $20,000 to support their initiatives and further the advancement of young women. If you’d like to support Girls Inc. directly, please click here >

    Yotpo created Amazing Women in eCommerce to put a well-deserved spotlight on the impressive women we’ve had the privilege of working with in our day-to-day. We are proud to champion the achievements of these Amazing Women and to support Girls Inc., promoting women empowerment today and tomorrow. Help us support Girls Inc.!

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