Amazing Women in eCommerce

Honoring the women shaping the eCommerce space, nominated by you.
For every nomination, Yotpo will donate $5 to Girls Inc. | Feb 16th $8735 raised so far
We chose the first 10, now we need your help finding the rest.
Reshma Chattaram Chamberlin
"I’ve always been extremely ambitious and unapologetic about it."
Hana Abaza
Head of Marketing
"It’s crucial to focus on outcomes rather than output."
Sabrina Abney
eCommerce Director
"In an entirely digital environment, your imagination is your limitation."
Melissa Ng
Senior Product Manager
"Don’t be afraid to take risks, take chances, and try new things"
Meaghan Grimaldi-Williams
Digital Merchandising Manager
"The best education you can get is hands-on learning."
Mila Aldrin
Director of eCommerce
"If you want to work in eCommerce, do it! Start now and just jump in."
Flo Katzenbach
UX/UI Design Lead
"Don’t be afraid of not knowing things. Embrace that."
Alicia Radabaugh
Director of eCommerce
"Your job should align with a personal goal or passion."
Sarah Willcocks
Owner & CEO
"You have to have a personality and an angle, otherwise you're just another business."
Parminder Meers
Senior Partner Manager
"Instead of being a jack of all trades, become an expert in a particular area that interests you."

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What is this project?
Through our work, we’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing women who work in eCommerce, and we dreamed of finding a way to highlight all of these women and build a community. We figured that if we knew of so many amazing women, chances are you would to, so we decided to get the whole eCommerce world involved! To that end, we built the Amazing Women in eCommerce project to find and honor 25 women in our industry and raise money for Girls Inc. Yotpo is committed to honoring each nominee with a donation to Girls Inc. up to $20,000
Who can I nominate?
Any woman who works in eCommerce -- whether she’s the founder, the marketing manager, a developer at a business, brand or agency -- we welcome all of your nominations!
When do I have to submit my nomination by?
We’ll be collecting nominations until December 31.
Any other questions?
We'd love to help out! Please get in touch with us at